What is GRClubs.com?

GRClubs is web-based software for small associations to help manage memberships, registration, purchases and other activities. GRClubs runs all of its services in "The Cloud" meaning that there so no software to install. Members can use any computer they like, including mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. GRClubs specializes in accepting membership dues and providing a workflow that allows admistrators the abilty to validate the identity of their members to ensure that members meet their club requirements. For example, adminstrators can require a form of personal identification such a government issued license before the member is activated.

GRClubs strives to create a service that is easy to use for both the members and the administrators. We are excited to help clubs and associations solve administrative problems. Please use the Contact-Us Form or send us an email to info@grclubs.com to inquire about our services.

Who Uses GRClubs?

Clubs and associations of various sizes use GRClubs. We support any membership size from just a few members to several thousand.

How does GRClubs handle and protect my data?

GRClubs will never sell or share any personal information about you or your members to any outside organization. We use standard, updated industry practices to protect your data from potential attacks, both in transit and in storage. As part of our terms of use, your club's administrator will only use your information and uploaded content for professional and club related purposes. Contact your club's administrator for details on how your information is used and handled.

Clubs own the data - administrators can download their members, contacts, and financial data at any time into Excel-compatible spreadsheets.

For more detailed information, please check out our privacy policy .

How do I contact GRClubs.com?

You can contact us via our Contact-Us Form or send us an email to info@grclubs.com